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How To Self-Publish Your Book

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Do you want to publish an ebook? Do you want to do it right? This book will tell you how.

Written for everyone from the total newbie to the experienced self-publisher who’s looking to add a professional edge to their books, How To Self-Publish Your Book collects a wealth of information and analysis in one compact volume. This book will guide you through the journey of self-publishing, from initially writing your book, through to formatting for publication, uploading for sale, and promoting your ebook.

Discussion of self-publishing isn’t limited to Amazon only, as so many other books like this are. Instead, How To Self-Publish Your Book will help you explore all the major self-publishing platforms and outline the strengths and weakness of each — allowing you to chart your own path to self-publishing success, rather than following a cookie cutter formula that worked for one person. The topics of this book are all designed to give you the tools you need to plan your own career, with guidelines that will help you assess new platforms and new opportunities as they come up.

The topics covered in this book include:

  • How to write and edit your book (including when and how to hire a professional editor).
  • How to create an attractive book cover (including how to find a professional cover designer).
  • How to choose titles, pen names, and the right price for your ebook.
  • How to write an effective blurb.
  • How to choose effective keywords to help readers discover your ebook.
  • How to format your ebook so it publishes perfectly on Amazon, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, All Romance eBooks, Google Play, and more, including step-by-step instructions.
  • How and where to self-publish in print and audio.
  • How to market and promote your ebook.

This comprehensive manual breaks down each aspect of the self-publishing process for you and provides insider secrets and valuable tips to excel. Co-written by Craig Gibb and John Robin, this volume collects their knowledge and experience from their respective careers working with Indie authors to help you succeed at self-publishing.

Craig Gibb is the author of over seventy titles (under various pen names), many of which have been bestsellers, and is the outreach coordinator for Story Perfect Editing Services. John Robin is the founder and chief editor of Story Perfect Editing Services, and has edited over a hundred books, including working with many bestselling authors.

You could self-publish on your own and and learn from your mistakes until you figure out how to do it right — or you can read this book and do it right the first time.