Platform Diagnosis

Do you have books on Amazon, but they’re just not selling? Are you frantically running all over the internet, trying to keep up with everything and ending up with no time to write? Are you wasting money on advertising your books and getting little to no return?

For just $299 USD, Story Perfect will:

  • Examine your covers and blurbs to identify any weaknesses
  • Examine your website(s) and blog(s) to help professionalize your platform
  • Examine your social media platforms to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as time-saving strategies to maximize impact
  • Review your previous and current marketing strategies to understand what’s worked for you and what hasn’t, so that our diagnosis and advice is customized to your unique situation
  • Follow-up with you after implementing changes, to see if there is further room for improvement and refinement
  • Coach you through making these changes to help you gain your marketing edge

Our findings will be summarized in a multi-page letter, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your platform, identifying strategies that are likely getting you no return and could be cut from your routine, suggesting strategies to professionalize your platform and market your books, and helping you coordinate and manage your multiple social media outlets.

Our Platform Diagnosis service is performed by our outreach coordinator, Craig, who has over 80 titles in publication — some through traditional publishers, others through small publishers, and most through self-publishing. Craig has tried nearly every marketing tactic that is rumored to sell books and can give you straight talk on what’s worth your time and what’s not.

For more information or to get us started on diagnosing your platform, visit our contact page and send us a message.