Back Cover Copy

As an author in today’s highly-competitive publishing industry, you have seconds—literally seconds—to grab the attention of a prospective reader. Our senior editor, John Robin, has extensive experience in crafting effective, brief, clear, and attention-grabbing back cover copy and other related copywriting (AKA the “blurb package”). He is also a skilled writer and ghostwriting, and enjoys using these skills to create top-notch copy that makes an author’s story shine in the marketplace.


Basic Blurb Package – $99 USD

John will work with you to create:

  • a compelling blurb (jacket copy) that can be used on your print book’s back cover, website, Amazon listing, etc.
  • a one-sentence summary of the book (log-line or tag-line) that can be used in promotional advertising to help attract readers


Premium Blurb Package – $249 USD

In addition to what you get in basic, John will help you create:

  • a synopsis (catalog copy), which is preferred by reviewers and booksellers and typically contains more information than is contained in a back cover blurb
  • a one-paragraph marketing blurb (elevator pitch) that can be used in short ads or captions for online promotion
  • ad splashes


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