Heavy Express Editing

$0.016 per word or $29 per hour

Our Heavy Express Editing Package is ideal for authors who have a modest or limited budget, but still require the more comprehensive edits found in our more expensive packages. Heavy Express Editing combines occasional developmental editing (when the manuscript requires it), heavy-to-light copyediting, and proofreading into one quick, comprehensive, and affordable package. To purchase a developmental edit, copyedit, and proofread individually would cost $0.028 per word, but the Heavy Express Editing Package offers a savings by charging only $0.02 per word (or $29 per hour, whichever is cheaper). Combining all edits into one convenient package also saves time, as there is only one round of edits involved, not two or three.

For further information on this package, please read the detailed list below. If you would like us to start working on your manuscript, or if you would like more information, please click here to be taken to our contact page.

The Heavy Express Editing Package includes:

  • Comments to address narration, plot, or character problems
  • Line-by-line comments with a focus on logic, clarity, and suggestions for fact checking
  • In-line changes to correct and perfect your prose on a sentence-by-sentence basis
  • Edits focussed on typos or issues of grammar or word choice or formatting

Please note that the Express Editing Package includes aspects of developmental editing and copyediting, and is not as comprehensive as each of these services would be individually. If you would like a comprehensive copyedit and/or developmental edit, please consider our Professional Editing Package or purchasing a developmental edit or copyedit as a standalone service.

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