Other Services

Our mission at Story Perfect is to be a partner to Indie authors. We have been fortunate to attract great talent to our team and now are excited to offer everything an Indie author needs, from top-notch editing to amazing cover and back-of-book copy. We even offer formatting, publishing support, platform analysis, marketing support, and web design.

We continue to build these services around the needs of our partner publishing company, Deep Desires Press, but are also actively looking to build our list of Indie author partners. Please contact us if you are interested in the Partner Publisher Package, featuring all of our services for the low price of $0.08/word.

We also offer these services separately:

Cover Design

Our Dreamscape Cover Designs division is committed to providing awesome covers for Indie authors. Ave, our talented graphic designer is eager to get to work on your cover. We can accommodate both eBook and print book cover designs.

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Back Cover Copy

Writing and editing your book and securing great cover art is only part of the process. You also need compelling back-of-book copy. But there’s a certain skill to writing this. You must draw a reader in without overwhelming them with details or confusing them with too much information. John Robin, our senior editor, has helped craft the copy for numerous titles that have gone on to become bestselling ebooks, and he’s looking forward to helping you with yours.

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eBook Formatting

One complaint we hear so often is that creating files ready for uploading to Smashwords, Direct2Digital, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, and many other vendors is so complicated. Our experienced eBook formatter will take your book (preferably in DOC or DOCX format) and convert it into upload-ready DOC, ePub, Mobi, and PDF files so you can get your book online and start selling it.

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Platform Diagnosis

Many authors have fantastic books but struggle with how to promote them. Several factors either aide or hinder a potential reader from picking up a book. These include cover design, back-of-book copy, website content, and a cohesive social media platform. Story Perfect’s own expert on book promotion will examine your presence on the internet and your books on Amazon to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and will formulate a plan to help you professionalize your platform.

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Web Design

Every author needs a website, and the quality of a website can have an impact on book sales. Moreover, a shoddy website tells potential readers that an author doesn’t take their business seriously. Story Perfect’s team can help you either create or improve upon your existing web design, so that you have a true edge as your promote your author brand.

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