Piano lessons for writers

Having a musical form of expression is a great complement to being a writer.

Our senior editor, John Robin, is a pianist and qualified piano teacher for beginning or early intermediate students.

Having studied up to Grade 10 in Conservatory Canada as a youth, John resumed his piano studies in 2021 and this really helps him feel more creative space when he shows up to write or edit a book.

John is interested in finding a few adult students — particularly writers who want to expand their creative practice. His passion for teaching comes through in his one-on-one work with editing clients, so using his teaching skill to help writers tap into their musical dimension would be a delight to him.

You don’t have to be in the same town as him! John has adopted the same great model used by his teacher in Germany, and all it requires is some minimal equipment (good microphone, a music stand to adjust your computer height/angle), and some initial setup he can walk you through.

The true gold of John’s teaching model, however, is the unlimited DM support. Using Instagram, you can send John voice messages, or send recordings of your practice, and John in turn will reply with voice message replies or demonstration videos.

Each week, you can schedule a 60-minute lesson. Through each week, you can use the unlimited DM support to complement your practice.

All students get a free 1-hour sample lesson, where you can discuss your goals with John, and determine if studying with him is right for you.

Please contact us to inquire about rates and booking your free 1-hour lesson. Put “Piano with John” in the subject of your message.