eBook Formatting

Now that you’ve written your book, you’ll want to upload it to vendor sites like Amazon, Smashwords, Direct2Digital, and many other places. Each of these vendors have specific instructions for uploading books for self-publication. Some sites require a carefully formatted Word document that they then convert into eBook files, whereas others require complete and ready-to-go ePub, Mobi, and PDF files.

eBook Formatting Package

Our team of experienced formatters will take your book (preferably in DOC or DOCX format) and convert it into:

  • a Word DOC specially formatted for Smashwords and Direct2Digital
  • an ePub specially formatted for Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and Google Play
  • an ePub, Mobi, and PDF specially formatted for sites that require ready-to-go ebook files, such as All Romance eBooks and other boutique vendors

Price List

In general, eBook formatting will be priced as follows (manuscript word counts are inclusive of copyright pages, author bios, and other extraneous details):

  • Manuscripts 10,000 words or less: $75.00 USD
  • Manuscripts 10,001 – 40,000 words: $100.00 USD
  • Manuscripts 40,001 – 80,000 words: $150.00 USD
  • Manuscripts greater than 80,000 words will be charged an additional $60.00 USD for each 20,000 words or portion thereof above 80,000 words.

Special Considerations

General notes and special circumstances:

  • Manuscripts requiring special formatting may be priced higher (please inquire for a quote)
  • Authors requiring formats in addition to DOC, ePub, Mobi, and PDF may be provided at an additional fee (please inquire for a quote)
  • Heavy use of graphics will quickly increase file size, which can impact your profit on platforms like Amazon.  It is advisable to use as few images as possible.  If your book contains several images, we can create lower resolution versions of them for an additional cost (please inquire for a quote)
  • Tables do not format well in eBooks, so it is advisable to not include them

Print Book

We will work with your eBook file and format it into a PDF ready for Createspace. Because numerous factors are involved in any given print book, please inquire for a quote. Prices typically are comparable to 1-2 times that for ebook.

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