Professional Editing Package

$0.030/word or $29 per hour

Our Professional Editing Package helps you produce a top-quality book. Our team of editors will guide you and your manuscript through the editing process. In total, you’ll receive four rounds of edits while working with three editors.

Your first editor will provide you with an editorial assessment on your novel, then do a developmental edit of your manuscript. From there, your second editor will perform a copyedit, and your third editor will do a final proofread.

Each stage is priced individually at a per page rate. However, you will always be charged whatever is cheapest — the per-word rate or $29 per hour.

For further information on the services and prices, please read the detailed list below. If you would like us to start working on your manuscript, or if you would like more information, please click here to be taken to our contact page.

Editorial Assessment ($0.008 per word OR $29 per hour)

  • Full read-through of your manuscript
  • Follow-up editorial letter with an in-depth assessment of your story
  • Broad suggestions for rewrites on a structural level, i.e. optimizing plot, characterization, scene execution, adding/removing/modifying scenes, consistent craft issues

Developmental Editing ($0.012 per word OR $29 per hour)

  • Line-by-line comments with a focus on further developing your story
  • Follow-up from your rewrites after your editorial letter
  • More focused suggestions for rewrites on a line-by-line level, i.e. narration and pacing, point of view

Copyediting ($0.012 per word OR $29 per hour)

  • Line-by-line comments with a focus on logic and clarity, grammar and formatting, and suggestions for fact checking
  • In-line changes to correct and perfect your prose on a sentence-by-sentence basis

Proofreading ($0.004 per word OR $29 per hour)

  • Read-through of final, formatted manuscript with a focus on typos or outstanding issues of grammar or word choice or formatting
  • Fresh set of eyes on your manuscript following the editorial process, since this process usually introduces numerous errors from various rewriting and reordering / adding / deleting tasks inherent to revision

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