"Delving into Independent Publishing doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

"I had two traditionally published novels and was rejected for a third when the story was out of my perceived genre. Pursuing a hybrid publishing deal that crowdfunded preorders, I met John Robin, creator of Story Perfect Editing Services. Following his book’s progress, I was amazed at his success and even more amazed at his integrity when he pulled his story from publication because he didn’t feel that it was ready to be released to the world yet.

"As an author these days, you are now responsible for marketing and promotion of your creative writing. If you choose to take on further responsibility, and control how your book is presented and released, Story Perfect Editing Services can provide you a collaborative team of editors and designers that will bring your book to the level of professionalism that the New York publishers attain (or better!). I have considered my relationships at Story Perfect a key component to my success and enjoyment in telling stories. I highly recommend their services as they will cater to your needs at any level and encourage you to grow into your storytelling career. Thank you, Story Perfect team! I wouldn’t want to be doing it without you."

~ Eric H. Heisner, Western & Adventure author of Conch Republic series and West to Bravo series

"John did a great job working on my upcoming book, Draakensky, and I so appreciated the content comments and suggestions. John is the keenest and most helpful editor on the planet!! "

~ Paula Cappa, author of Greylock (Gold Medal Winner, 2022 Global Book Awards; Chanticleer Book Award Winner, 2015, First Place; Best Book Award Finalist, 2017, by American Book Fest)

"Working with Craig has been great! The customer service is phenomenal, they go out of their way to make their customers' experience the best it can possibly be. SPE helped me elevate my manuscript to reach its full potential, I look forward to working with them again."

~ Jordan Blaise, author of A Tyrant's Wrath

"Dealing with John and the fabulous design crew was a joy from start to finish.  They ran with the brief and swiftly completed form and augmented both of my book covers without any problem at all.  Their prices were very competitive and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any author that wants to have their book cover jump out amongst the lesser quality ones that are out there. Having checked out the latest offerings in the top twenty new releases, my book cover stood out amongst the best."

~ Mike Donald, author of Louisiana Blood and Bruges Blood (winner of the 2018 Independent Press Award)

“John and Dreamscape took a dream of mine and made it reality.  I had a very rough manuscript and was very lucky to have John and his team not only take my work and make it 100% better but to also design a cover that I only knew I wanted when I saw it.  They were very professional and skilled in taking my writing and vision of my book and cover and transforming it into a piece of work that I never though it could be.  

My experience with John and his team really took my book to the next level.  The very hard work of crafting a polished book was made enjoyable and efficient thanks to John.  Timelines were met and my book went from a caterpillar to butterfly in a very short time.  Thanks for all your hard work John!”

~Spencer Barnes, author of Drink, Dance, HUMP


“What can I say about Story Perfect Editing? Working with John on my most recent project was nothing short of professional, cost effective, and the best investment I could have made for my story. Not only did John respond to all of my messages promptly, but he also did it while preparing for the holidays because my publishing timeline ran right up to the holiday week. I could not ask for a better person to work with, and after reviewing the edits I got back, he could not have done any better to make my story shine and make sure that I got it out before Christmas. Story Perfect Editing is my #1 place to go for any project that I have.”

~R.J. Seymour, author of Trail of Darkness


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Story Perfect Editing. Their feedback was well thought out and useful, and my story is stronger because of it. Thank you!"

~Brenda Margriet, author of When Time Falls Still

"Editing services provided by SPE are top notch. The team and I recently completed editing on Book 3 in the Devil’s Assistant series. The four levels of editing are just what I needed to put the final touches on Dark Forsaken, and as always, I was beyond happy with the results. Thanks again John, Lizette, Katy, and Elan. You guys rock!"

~HD Smith, author of Dark Forsaken

"John Robin had a keen understanding of my characters in my short collection of stories "Looking For," and he did a fabulous job of helping me revise and restructure several stories in the collection. I highly recommend his help. I enjoyed reading his insightful comments, and his editing suggestions were spot on. I'm so glad I found him. He made the revision process fun."

~Lindsay C. Lightfoot, author of Looking For: Intimate Confessions from People Wanting Sex, Love, Friendship, Other

"John is both hard-wired to care and trained to catch your errors; he loves language and possesses a solid work-ethic.  The work I got back from him on After Life shouted that he was invested in the work. Hiring him is a smart move."

~Daniel Ionson, author of After Life

"John's professionalism and attention to detail helped me polish my second novel, Dark Awakened, into an even stronger story than book one. John's process far exceeded my expectations and was honestly a better experience overall than other similar editing services I've paid for in the past. I recommend him and his team for all your editing needs."

~HD Smith, author of Dark Awakened

“John is fast, efficient and has an excellent eye for detail. The value he adds is immeasurable.”

~Ceci Giltenan, author of Highland Intrigue

"Another incredible editing experience working with Story Perfect Editing! Working with John to bring my original self-published novella up to the next level has been so rewarding. I've always loved my first two books, now they truly shine thanks to John Robin and the entire team at SPE!"

~HD Smith, author of Nowhere, NJ